Meeting Notes

Handout at the meeting with Andrew Hinton:


  • Presented Andrew Hinton with summary of Kent Chapter proposal
    • He liked it and was glad we had some ideas on how we wanted to move forward
  • Andrew Hinton gave some background for IAI's Student Chapter initiative
    • IAI is trying to provide some structure for regional IAI groups along the lines of IxDA and UPA
    • Improve the links between students in the US and international programs
    • Trying to find ways to improve mentoring program
    • IAI is a volunteer organization - how can students help the organization?
    • For the future of IAI and the IA community - how can IAI help current students
    • He was going to be on the IAI board for another six months and would like to act as sponsor for Student Chapters to help get us the resources we need - but not as a coordinator.
    • How can IAKM students in the US provide information for practitioners outside of the US. Programs like IAKM are rare outside the US
      • Explain IA
      • IA/UXD topics
    • He said he would make sure that when he left the IAI board he would make sure that there would be someone fully briefed on our activities to take over
  • Discussed internship/co-op possibilities
    • Dan Brown talked about his experience hiring interns for his web design company and perceived lack of practical skill set
    • We discussed ways that industry/current practitioners could better communicate what they're looking for in new hires
  • IAKM students gave quick personal introductions
  • Next Steps discussed at metting
    • Set up a meeting schedule - AH thought once a month might be good at the beginning but too intense of a schedule would lead to burnout
    • Select a point person for communication with IAI
    • IAI website is in transition - Kent chapter will have some sort of dedicated section on their new Drupal website

Things for Kent Chapter to discuss

    • Activities
      • webinars - ideas for speakers?
      • Projects
      • the website
      • book club
      • presentation to the group by those us attending local events
    • What would we want on our IAI website section?
      • Student bios
      • Portfolios
      • Alumni info
      • Papers/Thesis
      • Some sort of collaborative project
      • IAI volunteer work

    • Meeting schedule
      • Who can meet in person? Who can only meet remotely?
      • Times?

Member List

Name - email - Close enough to Kent to meet once a month/once a quarter? - Best time for kick off meeting
Chris Oliver - - Yes, I live in Kent - Any day/anytime works for me. Traveling end of April and beginning of May
Briam Ramos - - Close to Kent; Evenings work best for me